Step 1

Review the Information for Parents describing Stratford Preschool’s program and related procedures.

Step 2

Complete the “Application Form” and return it to Stratford Preschool. State regulations require us to have complete information. Do not leave any item blank. If an item does not apply, insert “N/A,” or “none.” Particularly note:

  • Pupil’s birth date and sex are required on all applications. Place of birth, birth certificate number and date issued are required for new applicants, not for those re-enrolling; and we must sight the birth certificate itself.
  • Child’s nickname, or other name you would like us to use, the middle name for example.
  • Specific “yes,” or “no,” as to whether a person is authorized to pick up the child at school.
  • Complete addresses, including street numbers, names and ZIP Code
  • For Emergency number, please list a mobile phone, or pager, or other emergency number
  • Emergency alternative contacts. Name two local residents, other than child’s parents , and give complete information, including addresses with Zip codes and telephone numbers.
  • In addition to listing any allergies, specify action you want us to take in an emergency affecting your child. We do not administer medications or medical tests.

Each parent should sign and print name at the end of the form.

Step 3

Complete Part I – Health Information Form of the Commonwealth Of Virginia School Entrance Health Form. If an item does not apply, insert “N/A” or “none.” Check the “Yes” or “No” items at the bottom of Part I. Sign and date the form.

Step 4

Have the child’s physician complete, sign, and date Part II – Comprehensive Physical Examination Report and Part III – Certificate of Immunization of the Commonwealth Of Virginia School Entrance Health Form. The physical examination must have been completed since September 1st of the year preceding enrollment. Return the completed form to Stratford Preschool.


Students are accepted on a first come first served basis. Prior to accepting an application, the director meets with the parents to outline Stratford’s program, show them the classrooms and equipment and answer questions. The purpose of this meeting is to determine whether the program being offered suits the parent’s objectives for their child.