Emergency Info

Health and Emergencies

If your child is ill, he should not be brought to school. Should your child become ill, while at school, we will call and ask that you pick up your child, as soon as possible. We do not administer medications, or medical tests, at school.

The director and/or the classroom teacher will report any suspected child abuse, or neglect, to the child’s parents and, as required by law, to the Protective Services Unit, Department of Social Services.

Weather-Related Closing

Stratford conforms with Virginia Beach Public Schools as to closing, opening late or closing early for hurricane, snow or other weather conditions. If Virginia Beach Public Schools are closed due to weather conditions, Stratford is closed. If Virginia Beach Public Schools open late, Stratford will open, commensurately late. For example a 2-hour delay in the opening of the Public Schools will cause Stratford , which normally opens at 9:00 a.m., to open at 11:00 a.m. When the Public Schools close early, due to adverse weather conditions, Stratford will close early. Of course you may pick up your child earlier than the announced closing time. Above these policy guidelines, use your own judgment to avoid driving in unsafe conditions.