Stratford Preschool
4300 Shore Drive
Virginia Beach, VA 23455, USA

(757) 615-3918

The school operates September through May, Monday-Friday, 9 A.M. to 2:30 P.M., except for federal holidays, the Friday after Thanksgiving, a break of approximately two weeks in mid-December and the first full week of March (Spring Break). The phone number above rings at school and is forwarded to the director’s home after hours. The voice mail feature picks up if the line is busy or no one is available. The voice mail is checked frequently while school is in session, less frequently after hours. The director can be reached at her home phone number after hours as well, 481-0589 or her cell 615-3918. If there is a crisis and you cannot reach the school, you may call the church at 464-2423, and ask for help; but realize that the church staff members are good neighbors only, and we try not to impose upon them with the school’s business.

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