All of our teachers, aides, and staff are fully vaccinated.

The Stratford Difference

Parents often ask what makes our program different.  We combine a strong academic program with lots of creative play and engaging activities to craft the perfect balance;  empowering each child to reach their full potential. Our teachers assess each child individually, and the child’s academic path is tailored to their specific abilities and interests. Our curriculum is known for its outstanding elementary school preparation, a 51 year old tradition that proudly continues today.

Each child receives one-on-one instruction from their teacher every day, from our 3 year old class through our Kindergarten. This is a unique aspect of our program. We do not believe in lock-step learning. Thus, a range of abilities exists within every class. We often have children in a class learning individual letters, next to children studying in a phonics workbook, while others are beginning to read. This is true individualized learning. The joy is watching each child blossom at his or her own rate.

Empowering children to excel as lifelong learners.
  • Celebrating our 51st year
  • Individualized academic instruction
  • Small class sizes
  • Proven curriculum with matriculation to top area schools
  • Multiple foreign languages included

Our Classrooms

Children attending Stratford are grouped in classes, according to age, primarily for social development. Interacting with others at their level of development, they form lasting friendships, based upon shared experiences.

We develop leaders. 

Show and tell, which gives each child in turn an audience to address and one in which to learn to listen, is a favorite activity in the three and four year old classrooms.  Our older classes have a “student of the week”. This provides students these same listening and public speaking opportunities, as well as a chance to practice their leadership skills throughout the school day.  The “student of the week” is allowed to bring an item in each day as a show and tell, leads the class in the Pledge of Allegiance, additional calendar activities, and acts as the line leader for the class throughout the week. 

Stratford classrooms are “open” classrooms.

The children may stand or sit, work or play alone, in pairs or in small groups. Meanwhile, the teachers encourage meaningful use of educational materials and equipment, which are abundantly supplied. The key is to keep each child  engaged in stimulating, instructive work. Sometimes, the activity is one-on-one, teacher and child. Other times, a one-on-one task attracts others, and a cluster develops; yet, each child is learning, individually. 

We have small class sizes. 

Our three year old, four year old classes and junior kindergarten class are limited to 10 students each. The senior kindergarten classes are limited to 13 children per class, but may have fewer students at the administrator’s discretion. Our junior kindergarten program is well established, and one of the first in the area. Created 35  years ago,  it allows children a transition year built seamlessly into their preschool journey.

We embrace and encourage world cultures. 

Experts agree that exposure to foreign languages at an early age can help children become better at problem solving, critical thinking, and multitasking, as well as providing numerous other cognitive benefits.  All classes receive weekly instruction in French, Spanish, German and Chinese.


Painting our bird wings after learning all about birds.

Becoming the birds we have learned all about.

Turning our handprints into insect art

Peter Rabbit tea party fun.

Taking tea with the Mad Hatter.

Making Wonderland-iful friends.

 Mapping our way through local pirate history.

Our Curriculum

Everyday, our teachers provide individualized instruction to each child in language arts and math.  This individualized instruction is created for each child based on assessment.  The combination of this one-on-one instruction and our group instruction provides a well-balanced foundation for academic success. Spread throughout the year, each class studies various age appropriate themes and STEM units. The teachers incorporate art, music and educational materials into each thematic unit. For example the three-year-olds studying the farm, learn the names and habits of farm animals and common activities of farm life, learn that flour comes from wheat and is used in the bread we bake. They churn cream to make butter, then spread it on crackers and eat.  They paint at easels, use stencils, water colors, tempera, chalk and even shoe polish to create beautiful masterpieces.

Our Team Approach

The administrator and director work with classroom teachers and with the children, individually, to ensure that each child’s developmental needs are met. The success of the program is built upon our faculty of well-educated, warm and loving teachers, who, in cooperation with the parents, are committed to giving each child the joy of learning and the foundational skills for a lifetime of achievement.



What Parents are Saying

“Both of our children went to Stratford and it was a great experience. Great academically and socially. If you are looking for the best preschool in the area, stop looking this is the place to be.”

- Zhanar Lopez

“This school is wonderful! The teachers are kind and nurturing, even while maintaining an academically challenging curriculum. I am so impressed by everyone involved.”

- Elizabeth Michele

“I highly recommend Stratford Preschool! If you are looking for a safe and caring environment for your child look no further.”

- Eve Knighten

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